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Super Big Gun Adventure Super Big Gun Adventure

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not what I expected... non-the-less entertaining, good job

Create a Gun V3.8 Create a Gun V3.8

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good Job.

its a little unclear what you changed exactly, but still nice job.

Notable Things.

1- You should probably place the various gun pieces into their own "movie-clips" which will then slide out, and slide in from the sides, much like other games similar to this one.

2- Add a color system that goes "By Part" along with #1, which will allow the user to change the color of each part individually, its not that hard really, just overlay a transparent color layer over all the weapons (to maintain the shadowing and detailing you've done so well) and connect the color layer's color and transparencies to a variable, which you can then connect to a control like a slider.

3- The layering system can get just a tad bit annoying, I would suggest adding a system (preferably something in the right click menu) that will move the selected part up or down 1 level in flashes built in layering system. This should make part conflicts much easier to deal with for both you and the user.

4- Perhaps later once you get more proficient with flash, I would suggest adding an Import/Export system in order to preserve the alpha that the weapons have in their images, while Prnt/Scrn works most of the time, it can be VERY finicky about alpha/transparent colors, like glass, and your lasers, which can make things difficult down the line.

5- Way down the line once your satisfied with the customization perhaps you can add a simple shooting gallery and connect stat variables to each part, it doesn't have to be anything to fancy, just a simple movieclip containing the pieced together gun in a 2d platformer perspective, and a small display of the weapons stats across the bottom of the screen.

Great resource for weapon idea's for sure. OH and one more thing

6- If you want, add sci-fi attachments, like a blob launcher barrel, or a steam-punk scrap launcher set, or maybe even a star-wars like laser gun assembly, And if your feeling particularly creative why not make the octopus and shark cannon from saints row *laughs* it'd be hilarious.

good luck with CAG4

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desertthunder responds:

Tabs for different categories - Check
Colour/Camo system - Check
Layer system being customizable - Check
image capture - Check

Dusty's Castle Dusty's Castle

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Am I reviewing a porn game? Yes

Is it nothing 'but' porn? No

While a great majority of this game boils down to porn, there is a lot of material in it that "isn't" porn.

for instance, the story is basically 2 gods locked in combat one being pure and innocent (heavenly) and one being debauched and evil (devil) and the player is just by coincidence chosen to decide who should win and who should lose.

But it doesn't end there. A side objective is to take over the house and make it your own (which is indeed possible and is one of the 5 endings) which also results in the destruction of both gods.

I found it very interesting that the author went to such great lengths to give the background story as well as the regular story so much depth (for a flash game that is) where every action you make is either good or bad (excluding 1) and opens the next door to the next sin.

Probably one of the most awesome things about this game was the fact that even though its rated adult, you can complete the game without ever seeing one single sex scene.

So good job, and I hope you make more!

and for all the prudes that might get angry about this being porn... its a game... its free speech... and on top of that its the internet, if you don't like it, just close the window and browse elsewhere.

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Super SOPA Bros. Super SOPA Bros.

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Thoroughly enjoyed the mario-esk gameplay fully understand the message your sending. If I'm not mistaken SOPA (at this point) has already been veto'd now if we can only get rid of PIPA (Protect IP)

But just in case I'm wrong, remember to contact your state representative and tellem sopa and pipa are horrible, these 50 and 60 year old technophobes don't even know what the internet is and shouldn't be voting on anything concerning it.

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Love's Cadence Love's Cadence

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Meh its ok, I ran into quite a few bugs while I was playing that forced me to reload the flash window entirely. But it wasn't like the game was so long losing your progress was devastating.

The bloody ending was quite surprising for me, usually games like this don't have suicidal endings as their primary ending, at least not any that I've played.

As for the hidden ending... yeah that wasn't surprising at all, the first ending gave it away.


Gameplay (5/10) - Not very original, lacks depth and length, but appropriate for a game like this

Graphics (9/10) - Appropriate if not a bit startling at times, there were no graphical glitches to speak of.

Sounds (6/10) - good lord the crunchy snow, it was realistic but it was annoying as all get out.

Music (8/10) - It seems like theirs only 1 or 2 tracks playing but their just long enough and ambient enough that the player isn't bothered by it/them, it/they also sound very nice.

Story (7/10) - While there was no explicit story during the actual game, there was an implicit or "Hidden" story explained through the npc's and the imagery, however it wasn't enough to build an accurate picture of what the player is going through other than depression.

Menu/Title (8/10) - Simple and straight to the point, but no options menu

Options (0/10) - There were no options to speak of.

Instructions (8/10) - You forgot to add the R button to your instructions sign in the game, you caught it in your description but if the game is ever reposted anywhere else, players would be very confused and frustrated.

Glitches/Bugs (5/10) - There were quite alot of glitches and bugs that would force the player to restart the game from the beginning even if they completed it once due to a strange new game bug.

Bugs list.
1- Climbing the mountain to the left of the beginning results in the player being stuck in limbo (R key may or may not fix)

2- Climbing on the first bird and flying up will not always land you in the secret room

3- Jumping off ledges in certain places (left of the book) will sometimes flash the secret room located nearby for several frames.

4- After exiting the sound maze attempting to re-enter it will force the player into limbo (R key fixes it)

5- After entering the church the player will instantly die and be reset inside the church.

6- After completing the game for whatever ending, pressing the "Begin" button will spawn the player back in the church.

7- After destroying a statue, revisiting it will cause it to respawn allowing the player to destroy it a 2nd time.

This is far from your first title as well as anyone elses in the list of people involved, most of the problems discussed were programming problems respectively which can be ironed out rather easily with a little patience.

Use this information to become better and always, 'always,' remember your options menu.


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Bullet Bill 3 Bullet Bill 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Definitely an awesome game, I played it all the way through, didn't manage to get all the medals, but still had a lot of fun. Here's what I think

Gameplay - (10/10) Solid, Original, Enjoyable, doesn't get old either, compels you to win by rubbing your mistakes in your face at times.

Graphics - (9/10) Nice and nostalgic with only minimal if non-existant flaws

Sound - (9/10) Nostalgic again, great almost exact same sounds as each characters original game

Music - (10/10) do I really have to say anything for this one?

Story - (6/10) Reminiscent of super mario world, however, if I'm not mistaken the point of the game was to defeat bowser. . . to rescue. . . a bird. . . what?

Options - (8/10) you don't support low/med/high graphics which is sad but you do allow one of the more intense effects to be cut off among other things.

Difficulty - (10/10) You didn't go wrong here, you implemented difficulty in an extremely unique way, by making the players choice of character as well as their choice of item, determine the difficulty of the game giving it an extremely wide range of difficulty.

Customization - (8/10) You allow players to make and share their own levels using generated codes from levels they make using the game, my only problem with this, is that you didn't build a sharing utility into the game, like many other games that have this function.

Overall - (10/10) while their are some very minor down-sides, the game did what any game should be able to do, it gave me hours of enjoyment, and made sure I stayed interested enough to keep playing to at least the end of the main story.

Notes: Graphics options are extremely important especially in speed/reflex games like this, please remember to at least add the option to change the graphics whenever possible.

Next time try to add a sharing utility, you'd be surprised how useful they are and how often their used.

Looking forward to your next game!


the Engineer the Engineer

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Good job, I really enjoyed this game. I wasn't able to complete it due to a small difficulty issue on the last mission but I doubt that's a major problem. Here's your scores :D

Gameplay (9/10) - Original, Fluid, but nostalgic. Reminds me of Team Fortress 2 for some reason.

Graphics (10/10) - Great, nothing was messed up locking or to weird.

Sound (9/10) - Great, but the rocket launcher sound gets annoying after a while sense almost every robot uses it in later levels.

Difficulty (6/10) - A great challenge, but unfortunately, theirs only one difficulty setting.

Story (7/10) - Who is this guy? Where does he come from? Why should we care? Do we even know his name?

Options (5/10) - well you have half of the minimal requirements for perfect options. sound, music, but no graphics options. Graphics options are extremely important no matter what kind of game your making, it only takes a fancy bullet-trail to completely wreck the frame-rate, and your game.

Customization (7/10) - While you can't customize your character. you 'can' build your own maps, which is a huge plus, Bonus points for having a built in map share window with filters. This should keep the game alive for a good while.

Weapons (6/10) - the pistol was useless and unupgradable, I also felt the flame-thrower as well as the beam rifle and shotgun were relatively garbage. The only weapon I was able to get anywhere with was the rocket launcher.

Enemies (7/10) - Bland, mindless, hunks of metal. They get a few upgrades every now and then but nothing to be scared of individually. There were many different kinds of robots, but the helicopter just seems over-powered. most of the time you can only hit it with rockets... beyond that everything else is firing at you while your trying to deal with it.

Bugs (9/10) - there are 2 bugs that bothered me. on one mission where a terminal is near the bottom of the screen. closed off by rocks. I thought it was safe and closed off... but I was wrong. the robots went off screen around the rocks to attack me.

the 2nd bug is a minor graphical glitch where the build menu did not snap to the grid on one level. near the bottom of the screen. everything still worked fine, but it was difficult placing TNT.

Compatibility (N/A) - As stated in your description the game relies on strong video-cards and other types of hardware acceleration. while I do not know exactly what the requirements would be to run the game, it would always help to know them if at all possible.

Other Notes - The game was fun but as I stated earlier I got brick-walled on the last level, its probably just my tactics failing me, but it was a game ender. take it easy on the difficulty and be sure to add graphics options next time.

Take all criticism with a grain of salt and use it to get better, Good luck with your future games.

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Gyossait Gyossait

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Didn't Like it

It was ok. . . I turned the sound up, cut off most of the lights, and the "Fear" started to work for a bit. But it was just to far out there. After "killing" the first "Girl" I was already so disconnected from the experience that the rest of the scary things didn't bother me.

Game play (6/10) - It was alright, nothing that hasn't already been done as far as platformers are concerned, just walk around collect keys activate switches and continue the story.

Graphics (7/10) - Reminiscent of super Nintendo, but they weren't really enough to scare me or impress me, the backgrounds however were quite nice.

Sound (4/10) - I get that your trying to be scary but common man it gets annoying after a while.

Music (?/?) - I didn't hear any music, I heard the background noise while roaming, but no music.

Controls (8/10) - Simple, easy to understand, but i kept sliding around like I was on ice.

Options (0/10): no mute, no graphics options, nothing. Every game no matter what framework their using "needs" options

Warnings (0/10) - You need to put an epilepsy warning on this before someone gets hurt, I'm not sure how much flashing is needed to cause problems, but this game certainly did have quite a few sudden and unexpected flashes. Better safe than sorry.

Bugs: I experienced a crash about half-way through the game where you run-into that 2nd moveable object (like the one that crushed the girl) I shot it with the rose gun in an attempt to move it, and it immediately crashed the game, froze firefox, and forced me to restart the program before the music would stop playing. Also the girls walking around swinging the swords will sometimes get stuck inside the walls of some rooms.

1- Save points
2- options menu
3- Ability to pause the game
4- Epilepsy warning
5- mute buttons

I don't really have any more, horror games are very very niche and I'm not part of that group, however I did my best to be fair and honest with my rating of this game. I hope you fix the bugs and implement options in your next game though.

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XenoSquad XenoSquad

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I seldom see 3d used in flash, and even though the graphics look dated (we're talking 1991 dated) it worked out quite well. I honestly can't say there was a part of this game I didn't like, which is really saying something because I normally frown upon Turn Based Strategies.

But there are a few things you can improve on as always.

Game-play (9/10) - Fluid, Enjoyable, and keeps you playing right to the end, as all games should.

Sound (9/10) - Very appropriate, the only thing that bothered me was the constant clanking whenever my units moved, but it wasn't a big deal.

Music (7/10) - Not a lot of options here, but it wasn't so repetitive that it ruined the game, the mute button is a plus as well.

Graphics (10/10) - Its 3d... In flash... Do you people realize how hard that is?

Options (4/10) - You didn't have an options panel to reduce the graphics for lower end computers, even though the graphics appear optimized, its still best to have options to lower them even more if needed.

Controls (10/10) - Very easy to learn, very easy to understand.

Difficulty (3/10) - Went through the entire game without losing a unit on my first run, you have no options to increase or decrease the difficulty, and after your able to get the bayonet, it becomes so easy that it starts to get boring.

Length (5/10) - I was a little disappointed at how the game ended, by the time I reached the last level I had just gotten my very last unit to max level, and I was really hoping for an extremely difficult level to show up with a new kind of monster I couldn't defeat without doing something specific for a climactic ending, but it never came.

More Weapons: 6 is nice, but some are useless like the sniper, because levels are to small for it to be practical, I would suggest a few "Melee Only" weapons for some really hard ammo eating level.

More Troops: Read carefully I am not suggesting more troops per "level" however I am suggesting more troops in the menu, and the ability to select from your "barracks" who you want to use for each mission.

Custom Maps: If possible, add the ability for the player to make a custom map with his own enemies of choice, starting positions, and spawners. Objectives needn't be anymore complicated than surviving or reaching a certain point on the map.

More Monsters: The huge boss like creatures were not as difficult to deal with as I had expected when I first saw them. What about a monster that spawns more monsters of a specific type around it each turn when it moves, it could be called a "Queen" or "Hive Mother".

Options Menu: Along the lines of options I would suggest the following.
1- Show damage (add/remove the damage numbers when an enemy or character is hit)
2- Music Volume
3- Sound Volume
4- Graphics
5- Bullets (Add/remove bullet graphic when guns are shot)
6- Game Speed (Increase/decrease the speed of the games events like movement, I suggest making this accessible from the HUD as well)

That's all I have to say about this game, I did enjoy it, and spent a good 2 days playing it, great job

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Zombies Ate My Phone Zombies Ate My Phone

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


First Scores

Gameplay: Not very original. Not very innovative. But its alright (5/10)

Graphics: Not anime like others say, they remind me of face book style... which I suppose is good for a face book game (6/10)

Sound: Plenty of zombie moaning and weapon sounds, this is fine (9/10)

Music: Got old "fast" (4/10)

Enemies: Stereotypical horror creatures. other then bosses they were all unoriginal (5/10)

Weapons: Make absolutely "No" "Zip" "Nadda" "None" "Nan" sense at all, throws logic out the window along with a hefty chunk of fun. (0/10)

Options: No options menu, Graphics settings, or Sound settings other then a mute button. Graphics options are extremely important in video games, especially games of this type. (3/10)

Story: None... The main character just suddenly finds himself in a mall with a bunch of zombies... Don't confuse "Setting" with "Story" (2/10)

NPC's: Non-existent, While you can "Save" your "Friends" your really only changing the graphic that appears in the message windows, nothing else that I noticed. (4/10)

Note: I am aware that a lot of the rating notes here are not "General" (such as NPC's) I am rating the games overall experience.

That's it for ratings.

Looking over to the left I recognize that your a seasoned flash maker and I can only shake my head at that fact. The game was ok but it was lacking to many core components for me to give it anymore then a 5.

My biggest problem with this game was the sheer logic behind it. A little craziness is alright as long as its explained but your killing zombies with a fire extinguisher.

Beyond that anyone can see that you got inspiration from "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" which was a good game in its own right, and I can respect any homage or you might be making to that game but you have to remember that even in "ZAMN" the weapons at least made a little bit of sense.

A bazooka. Holy water guns. soda cups filled with holy water.

Even if some of them were ridiculous, there were enough "Logical" weapons there for the player to shrug it off. (Anyone whose played ZAMN I'm sure had a laugh when they killed a zombie with an apple/tomato)

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